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Final exam and gradebook updaes

Here you will find a google drive share of the gradebook posted in the 4.28.2016 blog post. Both have been updated. The final for MATH235B(MWF@11am) is scheduled for Monday at 10:15am in our normal classroom, BB269. The final for MATH235A(MWF@10am) is scheduled for Thursday at 8:00am, again in our same classroom. I will be testing…


Quiz 3 Matrix

I’ve created a quiz 3 matrix that shows which problems were done correctly, indicated by the number one, which were done incorrectly, indicated by an x, and those that where pretty okay, indicated by a -. (pdf with bad formatting, excel file if you are on your computer and link to google drive element). The…


Final group work

Here you will find my final group project. Don’t let the size intimidate you. Groups will only be required to complete those sections labeled “required” in red. Specifically, parts of section 3 and all of section 4 and 5. Anything else completed will be considered extra and gold stars will abound. Here you will find…



So, I’m still waiting on quiz data but I do have a spreadsheet full of your non-stress test data. The excel file can be found here and the pdf here. I will be in my office this afternoon getting as much data as possible entered. Feel free to stop by and chat me up if…


50 problems

It’s not 99 problems, maybe one day it will be, but 50 will be good enough for today. The following video playlist contains solutions to most of them. The playlist will be updated as more videos come in. I got two choices y’all, pull over the car or, hmm, bounce on the devil, put the…

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